#128,631, Come On Down

November 29th, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Those who have been paying attention know that Jill’s book will be released in mere days*. It is the culmination of much hard work and many discussions (voice, IM, email, drives across states we didn’t know existed), and, like any good author, Jill is obsessing about things we don’t fully understand. Not that we’d ever admit this to her — when she discusses sales rankings, we make noises that imply we get it, but we have no clue.

What should be a simple popularity contest (ie, based on the actual number of books sold, day in and day out) is actually something more insidious: math and popularity. Yes, the worst of all possible combinations. We have noted that the only article we’re aware of that dissects and explains the Amazon ranking process was recently updated with new information. Yes, Jill, new information to plug into your…how often are checking this stuff?…process. We know you’ll repay our kindness someday.

* – Naturally, we take a small amount of credit for her succe…okay, we did nothing. She did it all herself. Our major contribution was something along the lines of “you called your editor, right?**”
** – Oddly enough, her response was hardly ever yes.

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