A Bit of Bragging On Booksquare

September 7th, 2005 · 2 Comments
by Jill Monroe

You find some amazing things when you go troll through the Internet (okay, I was googling). I found a nice mention of Booksquare in The Christian Science Monitor.

…the fact is that book blogs can be vibrant and sharply opinionated, full of odes to favorite authors and jibes at everything from “cheesy” bestsellers to the shrinking book review sections of major newspapers.

Hey, that’s Booksquare!

Book blogs aren’t without their quirks, however. Like readers and reviewers, they can be snobbish or parochial. And they’re hardly egalitarian: Most are run by one person with dictatorial powers over what gets reviewed and by whom.

Hey, that’s Booksquare!

Actually, one of my favorite parts of the article (other than the Booksquare mention) was the Christian Science Monitor trying to mention the Bookslut blog without saying slut.

Book blogs’ buzz grows louder

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