A Ghost Story, Of Sorts

October 31st, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

We can’t recall: is Halloween the one with the practical jokes? And if so, what makes a joke practical? While we puzzle over this problem, the husband thought our readers would jump all over his latest find. Yeah, we know, he doesn’t actually read Booksquare. That’s never stopped him from assuming he knows what happens here.

A sample of what he read out loud to us:

“Follow These Simple, Step by Step Instructions And You Can Instantly Become
A Well Known Author…Without Writing A Word, And You Get To Keep 100% Of the Profits!”

Yes, it’s true: you can take the right out of writing. As we read it, the problem writers face is lack of time. You simply don’t have enough of it, and actually working sucks what few minutes and seconds you have. This is not acceptable. Instead of writing, you should be, well, it’s unclear. To find out if this product is right for you, take this simple test:

Let me ask you a few simple questions…

  1. How many great ideas have you had recently?
  2. Are these ideas that you wish you could take and put into a book, but you just don’t know enough information about it?
  3. Are these ideas something that you know can possibly generate some hefty cash but you don’t know how to get started and you don’t have the time?

You’re going to tell us that this is marketing hype. It doesn’t work like in the real world. Au contraire, mon frere! It does work in the real world. How do you think all those authors out there write so many books? They have help.
Or rather, some of them do. James Patterson is a noted proponent of hiring people to handle the details of his writing projects (details being stuff like, uh, actually writing):

Mr. Patterson said he often worked with co-authors because he believed that he was more proficient at creating the story line than at executing it.

“I found that it is rare that you get a craftsman and an idea person in the same body,” Mr. Patterson said. “With me, I struggle like crazy. I can do the craft at an acceptable level, but the ideas are what I like.” He said the co-authors received a flat fee and, most often, credit on the book cover.

We’re not saying he’s endorsing the Ghostwriting Goldmine, but. . .

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