A Publisher with a View

June 30th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Last summer, we were feted by various publishers*, and found ourselves on an upper floor of the Flatiron Building, staring uptown. It was a lovely evening, and we could see straight through to Central Park. We believe, but can’t be certain, that was when decided to stalk St. Martin’s Press in earnest. Yes, shallow is our middle name — we absolutely associate a great view with a great publisher. Holtzbrinck Publishers, parent of St. Martin’s Press and Henry Holt and others, has expanded its presence in the building, and is poised to find its name synonymous with the building. We approve.

* Sigh, because some people know the whole truth, we are forced to admit we were not personally feted. We were part of a larger group. But we did feel very cherished and welcomed.

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