A Small Warning

January 6th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

The spammers are cutting into our nap time, and while we have endless patience for creating filters and such, we (as evidenced by today’s posts) require a bit more sleep. Thus, we are reactivating a blacklist filter. Previously, we used this without a problem, until the day it started doing weird things to the comments feature.

We’ll keep our beady little eyes on the process, but, if someone encounters difficulty, please do not hesitate to complain. Loud helps.

Also, if spam should happen to get through to the site, please note that we:

  1. do not advocate gambling; it bores us
  2. do not use performance enhancing drugs, except wine, so do not endorse any that may be advertised
  3. are happy with our current mortgage holder, and do not feel the need to support another
  4. do not recommend any product being pushed by someone who cannot spell “interesting”
  5. do not commonly link to hardcore porn sites without adequate reason
  6. do not support nonsensical writing unless it is ours

Also, please note that comment moderation is in use. This does not mean that we must approve each and every pearl of wisdom, but any comments containing links go into the moderation queue. We’re sorry that we have to do this, but cannot participate in unscrupulous behavior when it comes to raising Google rankings.

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