Again, Not Feeling The Love

January 28th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Is it us, or do a lot of this week’s new ideas seem off? Normally, we can get excited about something over the course of seven days. Nothing’s grabbing us. See, we like the idea of making book awards more of an event, more prominent, more…well, popular, but somehow using the People’s Choice Awards as a model doesn’t quite work for us. Maybe this is one of those concepts that needs to gestate in our brain for a few days.

However, we are working with our new positive attitude this week (hmm, coincidence? Possibly not.), and will say that we appreciate the breadth of the awards. It’s good to a wide range of the reading spectrum represented. We freely admit to our elitism, but think raising the profile of award-winning books can only be helped with the inclusion of titles people have actually heard of (and by people, we mean a slightly larger population than the recent NBA nominees apparently reached). It’s a thought.

File Under: Square Pegs