And Then There’s That Pittance from Djibouti

July 20th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We are back to our normal self after using technology to solve a time-consuming problem (actually, we’re not even using the technology — such was the conundrum that the husband took an interest and is now busily programming and whatnot while we sit around and accept accolades). We now possess sufficient free time to catch up on our reading and blogging. We can’t stand it when work gets in the way of…well, work.

Our friend Deanna Carlyle has finally launched her website, and we’re helping her celebrate by pointing you to an article we particularly enjoyed (yes, we see your eyes drifting down to the title…we also see you thinking “this is what she finds interesting?”). We take a firm stance on the issue of understanding your contract (or finding someone willing to explain each and every item to you). Though writing is a delightful art and you are certainly an artist of great talent, writing is also your business. Sure, your agent handles those things — it’s not like people have ever had bad or unscrupulous agents, right? Or publishers who neglect to report all earnings. Stuff like that doesn’t…right, it does. So read and learn. Deanna also has a great article on the cost of books (see left navigation for more).

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