Apparently, Week Two Is Like Wednesday, Around Noon

November 11th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Today was a bit exciting for us — it marked the third day we hit the gym this week (lack of exercise makes us dull and chubby). More to come on this. We also cleaned out our inbox. Usually we do this on Friday, but, well, see previous about the NaNo Villain in our life. We accomplished all sorts of tasks, big and small, and still managed to exceed our page total. Once again, the weekend looms, and we don’t have high hopes for repeating what happened last Saturday. There is rain on the horizon and even spiders must hide when it’s extremely wet.

Actually, we have no clue what spiders do when it rains. We simply presume that all creatures prefer shelter from storms. Though it seems dolphins might not care.

Getting back to our original thought (which we’ve lost, but are hoping nobody will notice), in our inbox was a supportive message from the NaNoWriMo team, bolstering our spirits and such. Week Two is a make-em-or-break-em sort of week in the Nano world. Many give up at this point; others survive and finish the month. We were encouraged to use our successes to reinforce our failures (probably this is a life lesson, but we don’t have time to think about it). Yes, we can do this; finally, the spreadsheet has a purpose other than wasting time.

We somehow managed to thwart the perils of this week, though we believe our informal partners have been trapped by evil forces. We will attempt rescue missions after we finish here. We know where they are — what with time zones and all, it’s not hard to guess where busy people are in the middle of night. We do not want to be known as the type who escape the clutches of evil only to leave other captives behind. It seems there might be bad karma involved with such behavior. It should go without mentioning, but we don’t like to suffer alone.

Also, we have learned that the husband reads our blog (just often enough to make us nervous). He denies ever sending any information on the Lincoln issue. Apparently this was an ears-only discussion and we failed to maintain requisite security. Those who read our previous comments, please erase them from memory. Thank you.

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