As We Trudge Off To The Office We Abandoned

November 5th, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

If you are a writer, you will understand why a man spends a lifetime doing something that, at best, is grueling and non-commercial. You will understand why a person can feel just fine when the world passes him by. You will understand that measuring success in terms of dollars and cents gives one a false security.

But it will take you a long time before you discover these truths. If you are a writer, and you are pursuing writing seriously, you have faith in your talent. You absolutely believe you are good. And you are. But if you’re writing for fame and fortune, you have to understand that it’s hard to achieve that goal. Those who give up after the first rejection are probably not real writers. It is one thing to write a book — and we will tell you that writing a book can be easy — it is another to write a good book. This makes more sense after you’ve written three or four. By ten, there’s an excellent chance you will look back at that first effort and thinking burning it is too good a fate.

Putting words on paper (or screen or however you do it) is the easiest part of writing. Looking at a block of marble is the easiest part of sculpting. You can see the shape inside — but it’s the skill in forming stone or words or notes that defines your art. Writing is not a limited pool; if one writer succeeds, another will not fail. Be true to your calling…and remember, that thing you do to feed the cats is a tool.

I hope you have found your calling. I hope it’s your job. I hope it pays well. The important thing is that you don’t sacrifice your calling for the sake of your job.

Your career is your calling, not your job. Don’t get them confused.

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