At Least We’re Not Going Over The Edge Alone

April 5th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

If we need any more evidence that this time change madness must stop*, our dear friend David Thayer has — well, there is no good way to say this — revealed something a little shocking about himself. We really picked a lousy week to cut back on the wine. Where we thought we were dealing with a mild-mannered crime fiction writer, it seems he’s responsible for both the Decline of Western Civilization and some fishy business with Jean-Paul Sartre. Not necessarily in that order.

* – Did you know we are now practicing Pacific Daylight Time (or the equivalent for your sector of the country)? Also, in stopping, we’d like to recommend sticking with this side of the clock switching exercise; it is officially barbecue season.

File Under: Square Pegs