Because She Sucked Up So Nicely

February 7th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Sure, we should be getting a foot massage and sympathy after being on the road all day (please, those of you who have seen Sideways and feel compelled to relive your favorite scenes…there are people trying to speed through that region. If you must gawk, please pull to the side of the road. Also, drinking and driving = bad.), but when Kate Rothwell grovels, we listen. Plus she’s having fun with reviews, and we just can’t get us enough of that (though we simply cannot understand her desire to avoid ad hominem attacks — where is the fun in life)?

Brave, brave Kate is seeking reviews (romance only — she’s surely not doing this to procrastinate as her deadline approaches). Categories include snarky (woe to us that we retired), worst, most moving, most unusual. And though we feel glory should be reward enough, she’s nicer than that and offering genuine rewards.

File Under: Square Pegs