Behavior We Shouldn’t Encourage

April 26th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Though we shouldn’t have to say this, we will: we hate the covers of 99.9999% of romance novels we encounter. Let us be clear — we like naked men, though tonight, we may have had one or two mental images that were unnecessary. Our fascination with the female breast is exactly zero. Unless you have a hotline to innovations in elastic, in which case we’re interested. And looking up with adoration at some dude? Well, it’s a species that holds burping contests.

Still, we have an analytical soul. When someone takes the time to do the math, it catches our attention. Even when the math points to, well, the obvious. It sort of makes us remember that romance covers are geared more toward men than women. Oh sure, that raises a whole bunch of questions. We assume you’ll figure them out on your own.

File Under: Square Pegs