Bicoastal, Georgia Style

April 19th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Very few literary agencies receive the Booksquare Seal of Approval. Setting our rigorous screening criteria aside, we have been bogged down in the Seal’s design process forever. Who knew that drawing stick figures was so hard? However, when the seal is done, we will seriously consider The Knight Agency for the honor. Deidre Knight, Pamela Harty, Nephele Tempest are doing great things for their clients; so much so that we didn’t need to read MediaBistro’s profile to know the scoop.

Heck, they didn’t even mention Deidre’s blog, part of the newest trend to catch our fancy: Literary Agents Who Blog. The Knight Agency focuses mainly on women’s fiction, though will consider other works (children’s fiction excepted…why is it always the kids who are left behind?). Female-oriented non-fiction is considered as well. The agents are also concentrating on selling client work to Hollywood — Tempest is based in our fair city to facilitate this process.

In the interest of full disclosure (which, it turns out, we’re not really that interested in), Knight represents our friend Gena Showalter, who just signed yet another three book deal. To recap, Gena is tall, thin, gorgeous, and selling every word that emerges from her fingers. She considers her success a testament to the hard work and dedication of her agent. We just want to know why we couldn’t be born tall.

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