Blockbuster. . .Just Another Word For Lawsuit

March 30th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As we enter Summer (the season directly after Awards in Southern California), our focus turns from “who are you wearing?” to “why, with so many movies, is there nothing worth watching?” That,, of course, is our problem. Because with the summer release schedule comes the summer lawsuit schedule. Like clockwork, copyright infringement suits tack enormous legal fees on the costs of releasing a motion picture. Again, though we believe heart and soul in the importance of copyright, we continue to find it amazing that every single screenplay for major motion pictures was stolen.

We will not comment upon the merits of this case, in keeping with our policy of not writing about things we have no knowledge of (this is not a hard and fast rule). We will, however, remind readers of one thing:

“History is not copyrightable. . .”

Give them time. Give them time.

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