Brevity Is The Soul of Something or Other

June 23rd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We are not known for our conciseness (except in our fantasy world when we’re pretending to be curt), and yet the concept of the short-short fiction intrigues us. Sometimes known as flash fiction or micro fiction (and by micro, they mean incredibly short), this style ends the story almost before it’s begun. We took a class with a woman who did it very well — something about her short attention span. For some reason, however, we never associated the style with Dave Eggers. Which makes us wonder what sort of style we do associate with him. We must ponder this at a later time. Now Eggers and The Guardian are challenging authors to write a short-short story. Four hundred words or less. Deadline for the contest is July 23, 2004. Follow the link below for information. We’ve included additional resources for the truly intrigued.

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