Catching Up on Reading Blogs

February 19th, 2005 · 2 Comments
by Booksquare

Yesterday, we spent time catching up on favorite blogs. Of course, catching up involves a lot of cruising from site to site, following interesting links. Then following more links. And then wandering lost in the wilderness for a few days.

Yes, this means that we didn’t so much catch-up as misplace our purpose somewhere around Blog 3.

Now, some would be ashamed and embarrassed to admit they fall a month or two behind on reading. Around here, we consider that to be pretty darn good. In fact, if we were able to keep up with everything, that would mean something was seriously wrong. Never trust a day when things go right.

Agent Jennifer Jackson has a series of posts about a series of useful topics. First, an offer she couldn’t possibly accept with a straight face (much less straight self-esteem). She then (blog-world being a bit like Bizarro world, so then is now, in a manner of speaking) takes on the subject of finding an agent, rejecting queries, and the secret handshake. Not necessarily in that order.

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