Cause, Effect

August 3rd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We admit it — we are finger-tied. A publisher actually publishes a book called without acquiring the rights to the domain name? Seriously? Like, who slept through Marketing 101? Did nobody realize that lots of people would visit the domain, only to be sorely disappointed (or is it possible that they don’t know somebody who’s dialed 867-5309 in hopes of reaching some chick called Jenny?)? Did nobody anticipate the megabytes of bad publicity this error would generate?

We don’t make fun of our fellow humans because we derive pleasure from it. Okay, we do, but with material like this, what other option do we have? We especially like the part where the author’s (alleged) attorney is getting all in the real’s face. That’ll work. And to think, just this morning, we were advocating talk versus lawsuits… (link via Bookslut)

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