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September 23rd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Author Trish Jensen has been a friend of ours for many years — somehow (and we can’t say why) she gets our sense of humor. She has been unfailingly generous with her time and wisdom. She is also a victim of a circumstance facing many authors, musicians, painters, humans: no health insurance. When Trish was rushed to the hospital last week, nobody worried too much about the eventual cost; now that she’s recovering, it is inevitable that the hospital’s finance department becomes involved. Click on more to learn about a group of authors banding together to help Trish pay her hospital bills — and how you can get involved.

Author Trish Jensen was rushed to the hospital last week and almost died from loss of blood. She’s now home and on the mend, but the bills for her hospital stay are expected to be more than $100,000. Unfortunately, she had no insurance at the time.

Friends and fellow authors hope to help with her hospital expenses through a critique project and E-bay book auction. Authors who have already volunteered to help include Jenny Crusie, Jo Beverley, Cathy Maxwell, Maggie Shayne, Sandra Hill, Anne Stuart, Suzanne Forster, Christine Feehan Christie Ridgway, Deb Stover, Judith Arnold, Barbara Samuel, Debra Dixon, Susan Kearney, Lynn Kerstan, Heather MacAllister, April Kihlstrom, Eve Gaddy, Eliza Shallcross, Brenda Hiatt, Karen Harbaugh and many more.

We’re currently looking for more published authors to volunteer to critique a synopsis and first chapter (35 pages max) in exchange for a donation of at least $40 to the Trish Jensen Medical Fund.

If we have multiple requests for certain authors’ services, those critiques will go to auction on E-bay. If you’re willing to help, please e-mail Teresa Hill at with your name, brief publishing history and the number of critiques you’re willing to do. If you have time constraints (such as… only available after Nov. 1) please mention those.

If you’re willing to donate autographed books to be auctioned on E-bay, please e-mail Karen Fox at

If you would simply like to make a donation, please contact our treasurer Sharyn Cerniglia at

Writers, if you’re interested in purchasing a critique (It’s almost Golden Heart time!), please look for our complete list of critiques for sale on or near Oct. 1 on this list or check our web site at and click on HELP US HELP TRISH

Readers, please check the web site for information on our auction of autographed books, which we also hope to begin on or near Oct. 1.

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