Cheap Amusement

February 22nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We realize that we need to get over our amusement with Tom Wolfe and his latest book. It’s not his fault that he made it so easy. And it’s not like we don’t like his work. Maybe it’s the part where he says stuff like:

Women of Yale, listen up: What most disappoints Wolfe about modern college students is the loss of feminine innocence. When I press him [Wolfe] to pass judgment on college kids, he allowed, “I cannot get used to women talking like men.”

Quite possibly, our fascination with this subject is Wolfe’s inability to put himself into the heart and soul of a young woman. It is as if he cannot shake off his pre-conceived notions of what women think, see, do, and say. There is a quaint sense of…ah yes, that’s the ticket…a quaint sense that Wolfe likes his women on pedestals.

Oh, we so hate to disappoint a man, but this is surely the path to great disappointment. This Victorian ideal of femininity was brought to you by the same people who covered piano legs to curb sexual desire.

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