The Daily Square – Score From Augusta Edition

February 25th, 2007 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Top 100 Indie Songs of All Time at HearYa: An Indie Music Blog
    Already there is controversy. Like, well, because everyone has their own ideas. We, however, are so pleased to see "Score from Augusta" on the list that we refuse to complain. We’re principled that way.
  • Reading Under the Covers: $crotum
    Our darling Bella Stander notes, well, not the obvious, but, well, the obvious about a story we continue to wish is an April Fool’s joke, albeit early. Susan Patron, author and librarian, is selling books like hotcakes (if, we suppose, hotcakes could be purchased on the street). Also, what, pray tell, do you call the body part? Scrotum? Ball sac? Loose skin that surrounds and protects the testicles? What do you tell the vet? My dog has a problem with, uh, his private parts? It’s the 21st century, people, let’s move beyond the Victorian attitudes. Thank you.

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