The Daily Square – Sharing Folders Edition

April 27th, 2006 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Prize culture lags behind
    Judges still tend to see men as the optimal choice. Makes one wonder about the genetic make-up of the judges.
  • Publishing: If you don’t mind the pay, read on…
    In which it’s revealed that people working in the publishing industry generally achieve salaries on par with those working in the music industry. But it’s all about the perks, baby, all about the perks. And, yeah, in publishing that means bad coffee.
  • In Praise Of: FolderShare
    We’ll let Kirk handle this one…remember kids, the RIAA thinks folder-sharing is a subpoena-worthy endeavor. Which makes us wonder if we’ll get to see Microsoft and RIAA go toe-to-toe in the ring.
  • Why plagiarists do it
    Because they can. A few reasons behind obvious, intentional plagiary.
  • 2006 VCU First Novelist Award Finalists Named
    Dan Wickett does the hard part — you get to sit back and browse this impressive list.
  • Peeved Writer Targets J.Lo, UPN
    Let us, for a moment, set aside the reality of the situation which is that no Hollywood executive in his or her right mind will open a script sent directly to his or her office by an unknown writer. Doesn’t work that way (see: lawsuits galore). Let us ins
  • Zadie and Ali Smith do battle in Orange shortlist
    Is it us or didn’t we just finish the Orange Prize battles? Time really does fly, doesn’t it?
  • Philip Roth, Haunted by Illness, Feels Fine
    Why does Philip Roth want his picture taken? "The reason for Mr. Roth’s pre-emptive photographic strike is that ‘Everyman’ is a book about mortality. It begins in a graveyard and ends on the operating table. And Mr. Roth is hoping that the pictorial evid
  • Ticknor: A Q&A with FSG Editor Lorin Stein
    Meet the editor, learn more about being Hungarian is cool (and we should know, being one full half Hungarian!).
  • Chick Lit Is Dead, Long Live Chick Lit
    Ron and Sarah of GalleyCat look at the death of chick lit and find it pretty much the same old story. Which saves us the effort of reading further (though, Ron, tsk, tsk, Variety prides itself on being a "trade" not a paper; you know those sensitive Holly
  • Plagiarized Author Rejects ‘Unconscious’ Excuse
    It’s a bit sad to watch this from the sidelines, but fascinating as well. We are, of course, currently purging our unconscious. It needed a good dusting anyway.

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