The Daily Square – Brasilia Crossed With Trenton Edition

April 13th, 2007 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • The deeper fakery of Katie Couric’s plagiarized commentary
    Fake memories plagiarized for a ghostwritten personal essay. It does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, doesn’t it?
  • David Sedaris and his defenders.
    Jack Schafer is not amused. At all.
  • Tangled up in Seuss
    The parody "Dylan Hears A Who" was a short-lived Internet phenomenon. A look at why it wouldn’t have passed the derivative product smell test and why The Simpsons are a textbook case of fair use principles run aground.
  • Men dominate Waterstone’s favourite 100
    Favorite (will the British never to learn to spell?) books published since 1982. File this under interesting but not really earth-shattering.
  • Clash of the titans on Booker International shortlist
    Yeah, we know, it’s not like you’re ever too old to write. It’s just, well, this list doesn’t feel like it was compiled by judges with a sense of adventure. Maybe it’s because it comes in a week when <a href="">Gore Vidal</a> receives the PEN/Borders prize for being Gore Vidal.
  • Choose Your Favorite Literary Theme Park
    The Charles Dickens theme park has Jill musing about other possible literary haunts…it’s sort of like she’s peeked into the official BS brain and read an article-in-progress!
  • Great Expectations for Dickens theme park
    Factual statement made in article that could not be verified: "If Dickens was alive today, he would probably have built the place himself, " [manager Ross] Hutchins said of the theme park in Chatham, once a big unemployment blackspot after the dockyards closed in the 1980s but now a major regeneration target.

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