The Daily Square – Indirectly Yours Edition

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Free business book is Web sensation
    Over a million downloads, yet Suze Orman’s book is ranked number 6 on Amazon. The author is giving her book away because she believes the message is important…and, you knowwhat?, there’s more than one important message happening here.
  • A novel idea may not be a lucrative one
    Trust us, this doom-and-gloom story has a happy ending, of sorts.
  • Reed Elsevier cost cuts to claim 1,000 jobs
    At some point, media companies will realize that "efficiency" can be another word for crappy product and they will regret these cuts.
  • Eaten alive in the studio jungle
    Sigh, the creator of the "Cheetah Girls" has a net deal with Disney. She hasn’t received a statement (which kinda, sorta makes no sense, given the timeline — c’mon Disney, you can’t be that far behind) nor any proceeds (does she really have an agreement that says "profits"? If so, wow). Normally, we wouldn’t find this worrisome — it’s still early days, in a manner of speaking — except for all that lovely ancillary activity being generated.
  • Jill Monroe Author Talk Interview
    In this second "Author Talk" video, the show’s host (Jill Monroe) interviews author Jill Monroe. Somebody’s going to die before this series ends! A BS Top Pick.

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