The Daily Square – I Want You Back Edition

March 17th, 2008 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Discovery patents e-book invention
    Call us crazy, but somehow this doesn’t feel innovative nor original. Actually, it feels more like the Patent Office has stopped trying.
  • Federal Funding for Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is Cut
    So much for "no child left behind"…
  • Tsaba vs. RWA, Round 2
    And the waters grow muddier, yet remain so clear. Nobody is denying that the contract violates the standards created by RWA. Tsaba won’t change their contract as it meets their business objectives. And it’s all about allowing an author to enter a contest? Or contests? Our position on this hasn’t changed: if it’s important to Tsaba to be recognized by RWA, then Tsaba, like other publishers, needs to meet the standards laid out by the organization. It’s not like it’s a requirement for publishers or anything…
  • The rights and wrongs of publishing
    As we enter the modern era (as opposed to the previous modern era), let us remember problems of the past and try to solve them before they, well, make the publishing industry look clueless: "Many large publishers in the UK and US are holding onto electronic rights so that the Australian offices of those companies cannot sell through their websites."
  • Balding! Portly! American!
    Or, what it’s like to be featured as a character in a book. Twice.
  • Opening up e-books
    Can DRM-free audiobooks lead to DRM-free ebooks? Yes.
  • Best-selling author attacked over ‘tribal stereotypes’
    Anyone else see this one coming?

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