The Daily Square – Fairytale of New York Edition

December 24th, 2008 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • One-Person Business
    Soup-to-nuts interview with author Gary Moore — how he went from small house (Savas Beatie) for hardcover to large (Penguin) and all the work he invested in making his book a success.
  • Author, your group is calling
    Joshua Henkin continues to work the book group circuit (and, hey!, shows that authors who reach out to readers can reap rewards).
  • DailyLit Gets Your Ad in the Pages of a Novel
    We think the folks at DailyLit are doing some of the smartest things in publishing right now.
  • More Readers Are Picking Up Electronic Books
    Nice story, featuring FoBS Malle Vallik. Also, is it really obligatory for the NYT to use the phrase "bodice ripper" when they talk about romance? Am convinced it’s so.
  • News and Gossips Home > News Jodie Sweetin’s $$$ Book Deal: Still On!
    The problem is not that the book deal is still on, the problem is the money being paid for a book that might (or might not) capture an audience.
  • Banned in Cupertino
    Sad. Or pathetic. Or maybe just clueless. eBooks now face the hurdle of being deemed "porn", thereby missing the possibility of being sold as iPhone app. There needs to be a better way to define objectionable content, one that uses logic and context.
  • Interview with Clay Shirky, Part I : CJR:
    We quote: "One of the things that I?ve noticed with criticisms of the Internet is that very often they?re displaced criticisms of television. That there are a lot of people, Nick Carr especially is a recent addition to the canon, wringing their hands over the end of literary reading. And they?re laying that at the foot of the Internet. It seems to me, in fact, from the historical record, that the idea of literary reading as a sort of broad and normal activity was done in by television, and it was done in forty years ago."
  • New iPhone E-book Apps from ScrollMotion
    Quibbles? Oh we have a few…first, already suffering from extreme app overload (man, who would have thunk we’d have to manage little icons on our phones so assiduously?); second, are they joking about those prices? Worse, are they serious?

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