Department of the Obvious: Summer Submission

July 18th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Grumpy Old Bookman (via Susan Gable, who might just be promoted to research assistant if she doesn’t watch herself) points us to another in our series of “Look At That, The Girl Can Think” stories. In today’s episode, on a show called University Challenge, the Romance Novelists Association (the British version of Romance Writers of America, or perhaps it’s the other way around) firmly trounces the team from Wisden, which is the cricketers bible and run by people with, and we quote, “…an astonishing memory for obscure facts and statistics. And, naturally, they are all educated chaps.”

Despite such a formidable team, the RNA won. Without breaking a sweat. That this group of novelists could prevail against such unbeatable odds will surely come as comfort to the astrophysicists, doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, mothers, and cranky bloggers who write romance.

We’d like to offer our special thanks to the British press for elevating what should be a humdrum story into something out of the ordinary. We can only anticipate their next discovery: what goes up must come down.

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