Either Halfway There Or Not

November 16th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Since it’s about halfway through the month (or, rather, just beyond halfway, but close enough for government work), we thought we’d check in with our progress. Despite some days of loafing and some days of high-level production, we remain in the 25,000 word range. We’re not sure if this speaks more to dedication or luck. We find we’re afraid to look too closely.

According to the helpful literature we’ve received, Week Three should be a breath of fresh air. We met Week Two head on and wrestled it into submission (though there remains some resistance in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — talk about entrenched with lots of magazines and MRE’s). If you’re like us and fantasize about plotting and planning in advance — only to discover you work out such things on the page — doing this type of rapid writing is an advantage. It’s so much easier to edit yourself out of a tough spot than it is to write your way out of a dead end.

Of course, if you’re like us, you’re facing another demon: misspelled words. We’re sure it’s not obvious, but we don’t use spell check. That’s for sissies. If we mistype a word, we go back and fix it. Immediately. None of that waiting until later stuff for us. “Hte” nags our soul until we take the necessary steps to make it “the” — said necessary steps include auto-correct as this is one of our most common typing errors. It is interesting that we can ignore implausible plot points and inconsistent characterization (because, really, what human is ever consistent), yet cannot proceed when faced with a misspelled word. If we have a downfall (and we are surely the type), it will be this. We will be at 49,000 words because we had a butter-fingers sort of day.

Well, now that we’ve made ourself all depressed, we’ll go watch some anime. Saving the world from certain destruction always perks us up.

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