Emerging Southern Women and Labels

April 18th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It strikes us that today could be a Theme Day. It also strikes us that we don’t have the right outfit, so this will likely be our final Dan Wickett-related post of the day (he had a very busy weekend). Building on his previous interviews of litbloggers and editors of literary journals, Dan braves the heat of the South to discuss labels. Included in this great panel are two Booksquare favorites, the always white gloved Tingle Alley and Shaken & Stirred.

The group looks at their region and the (sometimes) preconceived notions it invokes, even among themselves. To quote Gwenda Bond:

Like any other label, a big part of it has got to be pointing the arrow to the audience that’s looking for this stuff. I always had this mental image of the stuff in the Southern section of the bookstore being for tourists. Or non-Southerners. But perhaps that’s also a wrong impression.

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