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October 4th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It’s time for yet another Booksquare confession: to this day, we resent the birth of our youngest sister. Not because she was the baby. Nor because she was cuter with a better name. Not even because she’s tall, relatively speaking.

Our resentment comes from the fact that she was born at the exact moment that Heather was on the hook for Diana’s murder. Like the day of the big scene. The Big Scene. And we (pre-Tivo) missed it. Anyone who has ever watched soaps for more than an hour knows that once the moment has passed, it’s gone forever. Yes, the beauty of being the oldest is making the youngest suffer for her sins, and we did. All of this is our way of saying we have no idea who the people behind are, but perhaps there are others like us who have an inexplicable weakness for soap operas (also a confusion about Playgirl).

For Immediate Release, October 3, 2005

Soap Star and Former Playgirl Editor Publish Romance E-Books

Soap star Philece Sampler (Days of Our lives, Another World, Rituals) has
partnered with former Playgirl managing editor Charlene Keel to launch, an e-publishing venture. The site
( presents Keel’s previously published books,
uncut and uncensored, with steamy new scenes added. Review copies are
available for reviewers.

Keel is the only editor in Playgirl history to have been fired and then
hired back. Her books are no longer in print and are now available
exclusively at Titles offered on the site include
The Sky’s The Limit, I’ll Do Anything, Come Slowly Eden, Fourplay Girls (a
collection of four super-sexy short stories first published in Playgirl)
by Cajun Faun & Lynne Osborne, and the autobiography of striptease artist,
Jennifer Diamond. Erotic historical romances by Kathryn Fairfax are also

“It’s no secret that e-book sales are exploding,” says Sampler, whose
memorable 2-day diatribe made soap opera history when her character, Renee
DiMera was killed off Days of Our Lives. “And in addition to e-books for
sale, we offer a free e-zine section.”

E-zine departments include Show & Tail (hunky TV soap actors and celebrity
gossip); Passionate Places (romantic travel) and Passionate Picks
(products to enhance romance); Director’s Chair, where readers can direct
the action; and Sexy Serials, where books are presented as continuing
stories with a new chapter added every month.

But be advised—this is erotica, Keel adds. “It’s not hard-core porn.
Adults interested in celebrating erotica for women, by women, and about
women—and the men they love to love—will enjoy”

Reviewers are cordially invited to visit the site and send an e-mail
request for the titles they wish to review:

For more information, contact Charlene Keel, Phone: 909-337-5761

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