Finding a Tenuous Connection in the News

July 8th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

First we start with a story about a hapless tourist lost in the wilds of Bavaria (having never been to Bavaria, we can only imagine, though we now know there is mud). His mistake: using a guide book that was slightly out of date. This makes us a feel a little guilty as we just pressed our favorite, but out-of-date, guide book on a friend. Here’s hoping for the best. Do we blame the tourist? Of course not, we blame Americans who apparently don’t read. Truly, we can’t think of anything sadder. We blame the educational system — it’s all hopped up on testing and performance; we’re quite convinced today’s kids aren’t indulging in what we vaguely recall was known by the strange acronym USSR (Uninterrupted Silent [Something] Reading). Thinking back, how was that even possible — we grew a stone’s throw from a Strategic Missile Command. However, we stick my our recollections, no matter how foggy.

File Under: Square Pegs