Foxhunting and Underrepresented Characters

May 4th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Okay, before you read MediaBistro’s interview with Danielle Durkin of Random House/Ballantine, we would like to remind you (as if you need reminding!) that very few editors meet their authors on the subway. Durkin also notes this, but sometimes people think, well, it happened once…

So did the Ice Age, and you don’t see anyone getting all excited about that coming around again.

Durkin is one of those editors who works both the commercial and literary sides of the street. Her focus is on underrepresented characters. You know, the ones we don’t read about in every other novel. The unusual. The, well, person across from you on the subway.

In other news, Durkin taught us something very important:

I had the privilege of going to Virginia to witness Opening Hunt with Rita Mae Brown, who is Master of Foxhounds of the Oak Ridge Hunt Club (yes, foxhunting). I saw her farm, met her hounds, her horses, her staff, her club, and best of all, her. It was research, of course, for my work on her foxhunting mystery series. That was probably one of the most unusual and exciting opportunities I’ve had: The cry of a hound on a misty Virginia morning, alongside a little moonshine and a pickup truck . . . The fox always wins, by the way, in American foxhunting. Who knew?

Go fox!

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