Freedom on Information

August 20th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’re in a bit of a “let my information go free” mood this morning. It sure beats our “we hate mornings and everything they represent” mood. But, yes, it means we end up drinking far too much coffee and ranting a bit more than normal. But since interesting publishing news (and by interesting, we don’t mean financial stuff) is a bit slow, we must keep ourself entertained.

We believe there will be dramatic shifts in academic publishing happening sooner rather than the preferred (from a publisher’s perspective) later. There is just enough buzz to support our contention (the article below being just one). The factors we think will affect this change include: shrinking budgets, meaning institutions are cutting back on costly subscriptions and purchases; public funding of research, where it’s hard to justify requiring payment for something already, well, paid for; and, a more efficient peer review process — the world has changed, and modern technology means you don’t have to wait six months for your research to be published in journals…then another six months for peer comments. Yes, maybe this will speed up the search for a cure for cancer!

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