Friday Rant

August 6th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It’s Friday, Things are slow. We’re supposed to be tackling a spreadsheet that makes us cry. So indulge us for a moment.

For some people, grocery shopping is a chore; for us, it is an integral part of our social life. We see a lot of things at our local store, but looking back, we’ve never actually witnessed a customer picking up a tabloid and adding to their pile. We see such items being picked up, skimmed, and replaced on the shelf, but never bought. Though someone must, right? Circulation appears to be up (though we read about sufficient circulation inflation scandals to doubt that). We admit that we like gossip and scandal — there is no shame in the truth — but if the tabloids were to disappear tomorrow, we would survive. Yes, that’s because there’s always the Internet.

Seriously, we don’t care that much about celebrities. They aren’t really that fascinating. So few are smart and funny (which we prefer over drop-dead gorgeous. Mostly.). We’re bored with fabulousness. In our mind, it’s all a form of promotion, and we just don’t care. We think Bonnie Fuller is wrong — women want more substance, not less.

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