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July 23rd, 2004 · 3 Comments
by Booksquare

We have a personal policy: we’ll believe what you want us to believe. This does not always mean we don’t see through lies, but if it’s important to you, who are we to deny your wish? We’re also not opposed to hoaxes — generally the smallest amount of diligence will reveal the truth. What we have learned in our life is that most people don’t take that extra step. If you put it in writing, they will believe it. This is the reason the husband enjoyed a small amount of notoriety in his wild youth.

It was with this attitude we read the Sydney Morning Herald‘s expose of author Norma Khouri. The article alleges that Khouri made up her tale of an honor killing in Jordan, as detailed in her book Forbidden Love. As the story unravels, it takes quite a few twists and turns (though the sparkling detail uncovered by the newspaper — the make and year of the cars driven by our characters — is interesting). We honestly don’t know the truth, though we have our theories, but the question niggling us is: if the story is indeed fiction, what does that change?

Update: Publisher’s Lunch reports that Khouri’s book is being recalled pending resolution of this issue.

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