From The Rumor Mill

November 10th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We have heard that, contrary to what was previously announced, Harlequin will continue to publish its Historical line in North America. Recent changes at the publisher had left this line in mail-order-only limbo. While acquisitions will continue out of the U.K. office, the following contacts have been established: Mary Theresa Hussey and Ann Leslie Tuttle (New York) or Karin Stoecker and Linda Fildew (United Kingdom).

Also, after a period of suspending acquistion, it appears the American line has been resurrected (okay, it really wasn’t dead, but it surely wasn’t looking good for recovery). the line will be coordinated through Toronto offices of Kathleen Scheibling and Beverly Sotolov. We’re pleased about this announcement, and hope this line returns to its former glory — it set a new standard for exploring modern issues in women’s fiction. We’ll set aside the irony of a line focusing on life in the United States being acquired in Canada for another day…

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