Getting Something off Our Chest

July 15th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’ve held back for several years now. But with yet another article on this crazy new phenomenon, chicklit, we feel we must speak out. No, not about the fact that San Luis has just discovered the genre — it’s a sleepy town with easy access to wineries…who has time to focus on the latest thing in books? Our rant is about the wonderful The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. We have never once, despite being told constantly that it’s so, believed this book to be chicklit. The only thing we can conceive is that it had the misfortune of being released ’round about the time Bridget Jones exploded into the American consciousness. Oh, and they were fun, but there’s really another Shopaholic novel? Is that really necessary? We were quite happy the first time she paid off her credit cards…

We feel much better now. Thank you for asking.

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