Going “Live” at 8 ET!

December 14th, 2004 · No Comments
by Jill Monroe

I’d just hit “publish” on Booksquare to post the first bit about the road trip when my e-mail icon began to bounce.

The instructions on how to login and do the live chat on writerspace.com had arrived.

And here come the nerves! Why I’m getting nervous, I don’t know. No one can see my still unmanicured fingernails, and I don’t plan on even wearing shoes. Writerspace has been VERY supportive and helpful, giving tips like on how to handle long answers. There are also no paragraph breaks (something I think Booksquare also told me about on the blog, but I’m still doing them – I also use two spaces after a period. I’m old-fashioned that way).

Fellow romance writer, Tanya Michaels, also gave me plenty of words of reassurance – real positive affirmation.

Right now I’m preparing a quick blurb of Never Naughty Enough for the moderator (hence the delay in the second part of the Road Trip discussion).

So, an hour and a half and counting until I’m live on writerspace.com!!!

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