Great Libraries Filled With People, Batman!

April 25th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As we begin the process of clearing out last week in anticipation of this week, we are finding lots of fun stuff that we would be remiss in not sharing. For example, a lament on too many visitors to a library. Truly, it is a problem. Hordes of common folk filling spaces meant to be occupied by true scholars and whatnot. It is more evidence of the decline of Western civilization. Next thing you know, there will be fast food in libraries*.

Customers of the British Library (see previous for the travails of that institution) are not happy that the hallowed halls are crowded. Provided that the halls really are hallowed. It’s so hard to distinguish the hallowed from the regular these days. What we found interesting is that the academics are protesting a growing problem in major metropolitan areas: homelessness**:

Bums on seats is mission statement 2005. And, if there are more bums than seats, it’s hard luck for the seat-less.

* – Before anyone attempts to suggest that the Los Angeles Public Library has already crossed this invisible boundary, we would suggest that there is a small debate raging as to whether or not Panda Express constitutes fast food, merely because sometimes the people in front of you in line can be exceptionally plodding.

** – Yes, we know.

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