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January 3rd, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Jill Monroe

Try as I might, I have not found any other way to get actual recorded written words than by sitting down and writing them. Someone once coined the phrase BIC-HOK (butt in chair – hands on keyboard). A painful, yet true sentiment.

For me, tackling a manuscript best works very early in the morning. After making some appropriate South Beachy breakfast I sit down and stare at my monitor. I do not check e-mail. I do not check my stats. Okay, I don’t do those things much. Actually, at 5:30 in the morning, I’m pretty self-disciplined. One advantage to writing that early is the pesky internal editor is not awake.

I’m a firm believer you can write anywhere, anytime. Many of my best sentences come while waiting in line at Sonic. I take a notebook everywhere – gymnastics class, long girl scout meetings, doctor’s office. If you have five free minutes – you can write a sentence. Editing crappy sentences are a lot easier than editing a blank page.

Now here is the harassment part. For some reason I cannot delete old e-mails. I have 3297 just sitting in my inbox (I also can’t throw anything away in real life either). One of those gems was Booksquare’s goal list from last January. I’m sure (subconsciously) she sent me this goal list so that I could periodically drag it out and and casually ask her how she’s doing. My casual days are over. It’s time for Booksquare to BIC-HOK and write this great book she’s been telling me about.

And you can help!

How you ask? By harassing her if you see more than 3 posts a day from her. I think 3 is both reasonable and practical, traits, I might add, I am WELL known for. I’m putting Booksquare on notice – there MUST be a COMPLETED rough draft by the end of the month. This month – January 2005.

I taught freshman – I accept NO excuses. In fact, if you need a little harassment from me about your own writing – dash off an e-mail. It’s time to work!

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  • Brenda Coulter // Jan 3, 2005 at 12:17 pm

    Jill, I will wholeheartedly endorse any movement to limit Booksquare to three posts a day. That’s because I can’t seem to stop myself from rushing over here every morning to see what pearls she’s dropped, and quite frankly, I need to get on with my OWN life.