Harlequin Plunges Into The Great Cell Phone Divide

May 10th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We must say that our readers are busy little bodies. While we took advantage of the electric blanket and the lack of coffee (we were on strike until caffeine was freely available), they were off gathering news and forwarding, forwarding, forwarding. This is how it should be.

In what we believe is the second major publisher deal with Vocel, Harlequin is going all cell phone on us. While we’re very exxcited about the possibilities of cell phone content (from an intellectual perspective), we’re already having gag-me thoughts. Maybe it’s the description of the cool services:

Harlequin will provide subscribers with a variety of entertainment choices, including daily-serialized novels by bestselling authors, romance-writing seminars and interactive pursuits such as helping to choose male cover models for upcoming Harlequin novels or even using their camera phones to submit pictures of their own boyfriends as
Possible cover models.

In related news, one our TOCs dreams about the lovely royalties that will flow her way thanks to this fantastic arrangement. We humbly suggest she review her ancillary language. But only when there are no sharp objects handy.

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