He Does The Math So We Don’t Have To

March 17th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Someone recently said that math is scary. It’s not — it’s just plays the heavy on TV. What should be scary is not understanding math as it relates to your business. In the past, we’ve talked about your royalty statement is real-life algebra (you know, the stuff you swore you’d never use). Mad Max Perkins of BookAngst 101 helpfully tracks the advance earn-out process using real numbers. All you have to do is substitute your royalty rate and advances into his formula.

Easy as pie*.

Mad Max also has a few thoughts on the importance of reviews and a grammar-bliss moment to boot (we do so love wonky stuff like that).

* – Presuming you buy a pre-made pie; we do not believe this expression was meant to be applied to situation where one rolls their own crust.

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