Honestly, Does Anyone Have Time To Keep Score?

October 22nd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The novel is dead. It’s not dead. Gasping for air. Breathing on its own. Dead. Not dead. Buried. Wait, not so fast.

Is it any wonder that we’re dizzy? Is the novel dead or not? Is this writing thing going to be like buying a brand-new Commodore 64? We do so hate to seem clueless, but it’s getting to be hard work, this trying to decide if we should be mourning or not. Given the fact there are no solid facts to back up either side of the argument, we feel it is time to lay down the law: future headlines on the life or death of the novel must be banned. Articles discussing said life or death must offer specific examples with graphic pictures. We will not accept shots of dusty bookshelves as evidence. The novel must be clearly enjoying robust good health or be laid out surrounded by weeping relatives, all vigor drained from the pages.

We thank you for your adherence to these new rules. We believe they will contribute to a more orderly society.

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