Huge Sigh – Football Is Almost Over

January 4th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Jill Monroe

I’ve been told writers are more creative when they write in longhand than at the computer – the whole left brain/right brain theory. I’m a computer writer. While I take a notebook with me and spend my down time using a pen and paper, I write much faster at the computer. Which is why I’m sad about football.

I always look at this time of year with both excitement and melancholy. Bowl season is almost over. The playoffs are nearly here, which means there will be a frenzy of football…then nothing. This also means my husband will want to be on my computer (I’m sure he thinks of it as HIS computer). Try as I might to extol the virtues of basketball, sadly March Madness only lasts one month (and really – not even that long). He believes even bad football is still good football (which is why I ended up watching the Alamo Bowl).

The break between Christmas and New Years has illustrated just how much we need two computers.

Tuesday ends college football season. In fact, being Sooner born and Sooner bred, I’m sure you can guess which team I’ll be rooting for. (Actually, I feel pretty good about the game. No one on our team won the Heisman this year and we’re 3 point underdogs. Now if only we can get Lee Corso to go with USC.) Although Booksquare hails from CA – I’ve been secretly converting her into a Sooner. This summer I sent her red dirt (yes, the dirt in Oklahoma is red) and as soon as I make it to the post office, she’ll be receiving something in the Oklahoma spirit. She’s asked why Sooner fans are so… rabid. Oklahoma doesn’t field any professional sports teams. Imagine Boston without the Sox or Dallas without the Cowboys – all that has to go somewhere.

Come February, my computer will spend long hours “rendering” I will be looking at the computer with wistful, hopeful eyes and counting the days until the pre-season. January is traditionally goal time – I’m thinking rather than try to break a bad habit (hopeless), I must resolve to get a second computer. Or look more deeply into that whole left/right brain and creativity concept.

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