Humans, Still More Entertaining Than Television

February 3rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We often feel like we should set up shop as an all-purpose adviser to our species. It would work something like this: you have an idea, all of your friends agree the idea is great, their friends agree the idea is great, you decide to proceed. But…something says wait, call it a little voice. It whispers, “Maybe you should ask someone else. Someone who didn’t give birth to you.”

And then you contact us, and we say yes or no to the idea.

As a plan, it is elegant and simple. Our advice would stop all sorts of insanity, such as Scottish MPs who think maybe it’s time to redeem the reputation of Macbeth. Before any real damage is done. If we were approached on this subject, we would be gentle, but firm: four hundred years is a little too long to wait. Next time Shakespeare writes something, get in on the ground floor. But, if you must proceed, you should probably jump on the Shakespeare was really Christopher Marlowe bandwagon. Just to show you’re the timely sort.

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