Humans: The Evolved Creature

July 6th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

This Independent story isn’t particularly timely or revelatory, but what the heck? To nobody’s surprise, index-reading remains a hobby…and woe to those who aren’t name dropped. If we were to somehow acquire a scandalous existence (or even find ourselves on the fringe of such a thing), and then found the time and energy to name names, we think we’d take the “no index” approach. If you want to know what we say about you, read the damn book!

  • Dishonourable mentions: Sometimes the most waspish writing is at the back of a book. And often it leaves little need to read the rest. The novelist and index-addict Philip Hensher explains the fascination

Update: We love it when someone actually puts effort into snarky commentary. We knew our faith in The Literary Saloon was not misplaced when we saw the teaser for their article on indices.

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