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August 16th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The Christian Science Monitor’s profile of The Paris Review’s new editor Brigid Hughes wasn’t particularly revelatory (possibly because we’re the type who wonder how anyone under the age of 30 has enough drive to be successful. Haven’t they been reading the press? 40 is the new 30 — it’s okay to slack off for another ten years). Then at the end, what we thought should have been the lead is revealed:

One way Hughes hopes to attract a new audience is through what she calls the DNA of literature project. To be launched in September, and supported by a grant from the NEA, it will make available on The Paris Review’s website past author interviews with introductions by contemporary writers – such as Jonathan Lethem on Graham Greene.

Not that we’d tell anyone how to write a story, but we presumed Hughes had impeccable taste in literature. We presumed she was able to do the job she was offered. We even presumed she’d make changes in editorial direction. So what we would have loved is more on this project and how it will be executed. But that’s us…always wanting what we don’t get.

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