If We Can’t Amuse Ourselves, Who Can We Amuse?

March 31st, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Okay, there is nothing new here. Honest. We were just amused as heck to see this on the Los Angeles Times Opinion page. Though, hmm, perhaps the placement was apropos. Setting aside our confusion, it strikes us there is a perfect plot for what we suspect will be the a recurring theme this summer: The Never-Ending Invasion of The Southern California Ants (coming soon to a freezer near you):

The essence of Tragedy as a basic plot is that it shows us what happens when heroes and heroines pass under the spell of the dark power of the ego. Initially they may enjoy dreamlike success, like Macbeth, or Humbert Humbert in “Lolita,” or as in the movie version of Bonnie and Clyde. But gradually the dream turns to nightmare, until they are destroyed.

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