In Which the Perfectly Clear is As Muddy As We Suspected

October 6th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

One of our flaws is our inability to target things (hence winning the most improved player in softball nine years running — if we actually threw to our cut-off person, it was considered a major victory). We cannot sit down and write with a line or, even, a market in mind. Sometimes we get lucky and things naturally fit in a particular area, but mostly, we’re punting. This is pretty much why we finally accepted that we’ll never write for Harlequin. Or not. We never know what will come out of our fingers next.

We hear about so many writers aiming to be published in chicklit. And in the next sentence, they’re trying to get a grip on what it’s all about. What’s hot, what’s not, that sort of thing. Our advice, if we may, is to not worry so much. It’s a slow industry and today has no bearing on next year. Focus on the story. What will be, will be (insert song here).

Yes, all of this is our way of pointing out that there’s an new interview with Margaret Marbury of Red Dress Ink. Her answers on what she’s looking for when it comes to Red Dress are consistent with previous statements (it’s the story), and she tries to draw the line between Red Dress and Next. We believe we saw the word “weepy” (note: this is a not a hard and fast rule).

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