In Which We Edge Up to a Trend Piece

January 6th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

While we cannot advocate the concept of getting organized (what next, a clean refrigerator?), we are as susceptible as the next person to media overload. Lately, we can’t pick up so much as a novel without someone suggesting that clearing clutter will help focus our mind. The brainwashing is working — yesterday, we looked at the bottom of our purse and thought, “Gee, we should maybe throw away some of those old Trader Joe’s receipts.”

Never fear, we stopped that thought. Maybe you wear clean underwear in case of an accident; we keep old receipts so posterity knows we shopped often and well. Plus we like tracking the price of orange juice over time. We’re sure it’s an economic barometer, but haven’t put the necessary thought into determining the impact.

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