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March 3rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Before we begin, let us state for the record that we never even considered the possibility of a character who a) lives in Altadena, b) is a gardener, and c) is a sleuth. We can easily imagine any two of the three, but the triple whammy blows our little mind. If you’ve spent more than twelve seconds in Altadena, you understand. Given that it’s pretty much our stomping ground, we do a lot of twelve seconds there.

Of course we’re fully supportive of this character, and will be checking out books by Naomi Hirahara. We love a hometown girl making good!

Los Angeles architecture, in all its messy glory and idiosyncratic twists, plays character in many mystery novels. Paula Wood explores the relationship between homes, gardens, and mysteries in an article in the Los Angeles Times “Home” section (easily our favorite thing from the paper’s recent remodel).

  • Deadly homes and gardens (Note: maybe registration required, we’re not sure; it might depend on how quickly you get around to reading the article)

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